Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
Natuzzi Italia Deep Italian Design Interiors
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Venus, Roman goddess of love, beauty, and desire, strides proudly out and surveys the land. She sees the gorgeous Italian coast with its powerful seas and unparalleled coastline. She looks at the groves of prospering olives, the thriving vineyards and lush landscape, and a mothers pride washes over her. The abundance, the beauty, the heart- it is all there in the Italy she loves and, as a gift, she bestows an additional blessing on the land and its people: that they may live with the hearts to enjoy their fortunes, the serenity to be at peace in their world, and the depth to know that they are blessed.

''Deep'' can mean far down from the surface, low in pitch and tone, profound and penetratingly aware, devoted, and for Nika Zupanc, designer of the DEEP collection by Natuzzi Italia, ''deep'' reflects all these, plus she draws inspiration from Venus and the beauty and desires the goddess embodies. Zupanc looked too to the expansive sea with all its massive depth and unflagging waves when designing this flawless collection leading to a focus on careful selection of materials- stone, terracotta, ceramics, metal, glass, leather and fabrics of the highest quality. Zupanc and Natuzzi Italia encourage you to sink deep into the comfort of your Deep Sofa and imagine a Mediterranean seaside, think deep thoughts, and feel the full depth of the experience as it resonates with your soul. Channel the goddess of beauty and desire and feel the serenity of the sea and the peace of the countryside. Get lost there, and find yourself again. Here, the highest quality materials merge with the fluid oceanic shapes of the sofas wavelike contours. With a vast array of configurations and materials, let yourself get swept away in the process of picking the piece that is right for you and your home. Create a place for deep thoughts, deep style, and deep comfort with this stunning gem.


- Designer: Nika Zupanc
- EUCAFEELis the innovative solution offers many benefits: Best moisture regulation, ideal warmth control, first class pressure relief and high elasticity. The distinctive EUCAFEEL high density polyurethane foam, thanks to its specially developed formulation, has maximum readability and maximum comfort.
- Seat cushion includes a layer of memory foam, a pressure-sensitive soft polyurethane, that recovers its form completely thus giving great comfort.
- Model is not available with article Misterbianco (cat. 30)


Natuzzi Italia was founded by Pasquale Natuzzi in 1959. Pasquale Natuzzi serves today as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Office of the NYSE(NY Stock Exchange) traded company.

Natuzzi is Italy's largest furniture house and the player with the greatest global reach in its sector, with seven manufacturing plants, twelve commercial offices and more than 1,200 points of sale worldwide.

In the furniture industry the Natuzzi Group is one of the largest investor in research and development. Pasquale Natuzzi personally manages this strategic activity through the Style Center located in Santeramo in Colle (Italy), where professionals are dedicated to the study of worldwide trends, to the design and the selection of materials.

Natuzzi Italia is the line of products with a Total Home collection made in Italy. Sofas and armchairs of the Natuzzi Italia collection are enriched by a selection of home furnishings, lamps, accessories and living room furniture to give happiness through beauty and relax. Natuzzi Italia is positioned in the premium segment and its products are distributed directly to consumers (through Natuzzi Italia stores and galleries) and in the free market.
We at Italian Design Interiors are proud to be the home for the First Natuzzi Italia Gallery in New England. Come visit our Natuzzi Italia Gallery and be Inspired.
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All Natuzzi Italia sofas and armchairs have a ten year limited lifetime warranty on the frame and two years on the upholstery, mechanical parts and coverings. All furnishing accessories carry a two year warranty.


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