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Dining room tables

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Quasar Extendable Table
$ 6247.36
on display
Skorpio Keramik Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6160.00
Spyder Wood Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6786.00
Skorpio Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3071.00
Eliot Wood Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6211.00
on display
Eliot Wood Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5970.00
Valentino Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5290.00
Eliot Keramik Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5462.00
Skorpio Wood Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5357.00
Sigma Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 9104.00
Wave Glass Dining Table
Tonin Casa
$ 6992.00
Slim Dining Table
$ 2227.20
Eliot Round Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5535.00
Eliot Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3173.64
Monaco Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 4603.00
on display
Ritz Dining Table
$ 9290.40
Giano Keramik Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6611.00
Giano Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6214.00
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Artistico Table
$ 6751.08
Ikon Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 9257.00
Eliot Keramik Drive Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6302.00
Accademia Dining Table
$ 3127.60
Spyder Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3959.00
Diapason Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 4459.00
Sigma Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6031.00
Plisset Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5893.00
Spyder Keramik Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5337.00
Skorpio Round Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3958.00
Galax Dining Table
$ 5824.00
Carioca Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6926.00
Valentinox Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5282.00
Jerez Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3151.38
Elvis Kitchen Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 1437.00
Eliot Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5340.28

The dining table is the heart of every home - a gathering place for connection, sustenance, and celebration. Italian dining room tables combine top-notch craftsmanship and artistic design with practical features that fit modern living. With an array of shapes, sizes, and material makeups at your disposal, discover the possibilities of creating your dream dining space.

Shapes and Configurations

  • Rectangle: Ideal for larger rooms, offering ample space for guests.
  • Square: Perfect for smaller spaces or square dining rooms, providing a cozy dining experience.
  • Oval: Blends the spaciousness of rectangular tables with the softer edges of round tables, suitable for both narrow and wide rooms.
  • Free Form: For those seeking a unique, contemporary look that breaks from traditional shapes.
  • Round: Encourages conversation, fitting well in compact spaces or as a statement piece in larger areas.

Materials and Finishes

From gleaming glass to naturally beautiful woods and stone, eating tables highlight quality materials with inherent richness. Metal finishes like brass, copper, and chrome provide shimmering reflections of light. Italian wood tables celebrate fine wood grains like oak, walnut, and maple or modern lacquered finishes in an array of hues. Italian contemporary dining tables coated in heatproof or scratch-resistant surfaces are also available for worry-free durability in family-filled homes.

Materials That Define Elegance

  • Wood: Offers warmth and a classic appeal, from rich mahogany to light oak.
  • Glass: This creates a modern, airy feel with its sleek surface and light-reflecting properties.
  • Metal: Provides a contemporary edge, often used in modern Italian dining tables for its durability and style.
  • Ceramic: Delivers a unique, artisan touch with its customizable finishes and robustness.

Types for Every Functionality

  • Extendable: Versatile and space-saving, perfect for accommodating extra guests.
  • Fixed: Offers a stable, permanent dining surface for everyday use.
  • Folding: Ideal for small spaces, easily stored away when not in use.

Made-to-Order Customization

For the ultimate bespoke dining experience, the Italian Design Interiors permits customized fabrication according to your unique preferences. Choose your ideal material and shape. Determine the perfect scale and proportions to complement your existing layout.

Select specialty features like integrated lighting, built-in induction chargers, and refrigerator or warmer drawers hidden discreetly within the table base.

If you want to choose an Italian dining set, you're opting for a blend of elegance, quality, and style that will elevate any dining space. With its quality and artistry built around your priorities, define true personal style through a custom piece.

Italian Design Interiors has a showroom located in Boston, Massachusetts, where you can browse our selection of dining room tables personally.

The Heart of the Home

An Italian dining table ushers your family together, forming meaningful bonds over satisfying meals and uplifting conversation. Sculptural beauty unites with utilitarian purpose, creating an artistic centerpiece suited to daily use. So for quality craftsmanship certain to endure lifetimes of precious memories, then the Italian dining tables are handcrafted just for you.