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Biagio Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 2168.00
Club Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 1331.00
Dante Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 1394.00
Ciro Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 1403.00
Do-Mo Nightstand
$ 1153.20
Dorian Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 1160.00
Nigel Nightstand
Cattelan Italia
$ 1752.00
quick ship
Enea Nightstand
$ 1058.40
Capitol Bedside Unit
$ 836.00
Athena Bedside Unit
$ 821.00
Replay Bedside Unit
$ 613.00
Argo Bedside Unit
$ 549.00
Sir Bedside Unit
$ 750.00
Vip Cristal Bedside Unit
$ 757.00
Mito Bedside Unit
$ 1349.00
Bogart Bedside Unit
$ 1481.00
on display
Hashtag Bedside Unit
$ 651.00
Tivoli Bedside Unit
$ 1659.00
Kross Bedside Unit
$ 757.00
Morfeo Bedside Unit
$ 1725.00
Dolcevita Bedside Unit
$ 953.00
Sir Chest
$ 1646.00
Pass Bedside Unit
$ 1065.00
Kross Chest
$ 1527.00
Vip Bedside Unit
$ 679.00
Mito Chest
$ 2307.00
Julian Bedside Unit
Cattelan Italia
$ 2179.00
Drops Bedside Table
Tonin Casa
$ 3074.20
Opera Night Table
Tonin Casa
$ 3359.20
Honey Night Bedside Unit
Tonin Casa
$ 2916.50
Madame Nightstand
Morello Gianpaolo
Orazio Bedside Table
Tonin Casa
$ 2443.40
Tiffany Night Table
Tonin Casa
$ 4404.20
Venice Night Bedside Table
Tonin Casa
$ 4852.60
Cubo Bedsite Table
Tonin Casa
$ 2648.60

The ideal nightstand provides both form and function to bedrooms. Italian nightstands check both boxes with their elegant, contemporary builds and practical storage details. Ranging from glossy lacquers to warm wood finishes, the array of materials and designs ensures you can find bedside tables to match any décor aesthetic.

Contemporary Styling Fits Modern Bedrooms

Clean lines and minimalist shapes define the contemporary nightstand style. Italian brands lead the way in contemporary furnishings like nightstands with avant-garde shapes and sparse ornamentation.

Streamlined rectangular or curved silhouettes work especially well next to low-profile platform beds in modern bedrooms. Materials like acrylic, metal, and lacquer have an urban chic vibe, while rich wood grain night tables feel a bit warmer and organic.

Features of Italian Nightstands

Italian bedside units stand out for their exceptional features, including:

  • Modern Night Table Designs: From minimalist to intricate, the designs cater to every taste.
  • High-End Materials: Quality woods, metals, and glass are commonly used, ensuring durability and elegance.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes and styles, Italian nightstands can fit into any bedroom layout.
  • Elegant Details: Whether it's a unique drawer handle or a beautifully crafted leg, these details add character and luxury to the piece.

Practical Bedside Storage Solutions

While contemporary nightstands shine with sleek styling, they deliver ample bedside storage as well. Spacious top drawers provide quick access to bedtime reading glasses, remotes, or tablets. Use the deeper lower drawers for bulkier items like sweaters or extra blankets.

Some nightstands even incorporate vertical dividers or removable trays to keep contents neatly organized. For smaller items like jewelry or mini toiletries, side cabinets or cubbies offer partitioned storage. Charging stations built into bedside stands conveniently juice devices overnight.

Coordinate with Existing Bedroom Furniture

Italian nightstands fit in beautifully next to existing bedroom furniture. Since they are placed on both sides of the night tables should coordinate with other items like dressers and headboards. Italian modern nightstands come in so many finishes and designs that it's easy to find ones that match the current look.

To make the arrangement look coherent, pick pieces with the same colors and materials as other furniture pieces in the room. Another option is to intentionally contrast them, like pairing a glossy lacquer design nightstand with wood case goods for visual interest. Either way, matching or mixing things up both result in a thoughtfully designed, fashionable look beside the bed.

Luxurious Accent Pieces

Italian nightstands are both practical and luxurious. They go beyond basic bedside nightstands by adding high-end details like inlaid designs, metal trim, and fabric panels. Built-in lights, like sconces or shelf lighting, also make them more visually interesting after dark. The upscale look and feel give bedrooms the ambiance of a fancy hotel suite. At the same time, the integrated lighting creates a cozy glow for reading in bed or having a late-night drink. So Italian bedside units show that furniture can be both fashionable and functional at once. They combine style with ample storage perfectly.

Italian Design Interiors offers a showroom in Boston, Massachusetts, where you can see our nightstands up close.