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Custom walk-in closets & wardrobes

Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Doxa Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Liberty Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet
Pratico Walk-in closet

Elevate Your Wardrobe Experience with Tomasella's Italian Craftsmanship at IDI. At IDI, we are proud to represent Tomasella, the renowned maker of Italian walk-in closets that redefine organization and style. Your clothing collection is a reflection of your unique taste and style, and it deserves to be showcased in a closet that's as impressive as your fashion choices.

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Crafting Designs to Match Your Unique Style and Budget

Doxa Walk-in closet system


Doxa is a walk-in closet system composed of open modules, side panels, and dividers, allowing for the incorporation of drawers, shelves, accessories, and interior fixtures. Its notable characteristic is the reduced depth of the side panels, which do not extend over the entire depth of the walk-in closet, creating a visually airy appearance.

Doxa offers two configuration options: one with a protruding base and another flush with the sides and dividers. In the first configuration, the usable surface area for placing chests of drawers is expanded. In the second configuration, open compartments are formed, resulting in reduced overall dimensions and a more streamlined appearance, which is worth considering if the closet is situated in a passageway.

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Liberty Walk-in closet system


Liberty is a walk-in closet system featuring metal frames securely attached to both the wall and ceiling, making it a versatile choice, especially for attic spaces. The design of the structure allows for the placement and customization of drawers, shelves, accessories, and internal fixtures, providing you with the flexibility to arrange and combine them to suit your preferences.

The Liberty frames come in two color options: gray and anthracite. These colors can be coordinated with a variety of elements, including drawers and shelves, available in diverse finishes and colors. This enables you to create personalized configurations and unique color combinations to furnish your space to your liking.

Additionally, the optional full-height integrated LED lighting within the frames and the glass-fronted drawers contribute to the overall sense of lightness in the Liberty design. This minimalist approach is ideal for individuals seeking an aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional and versatile solution.

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Pratico Walk-in closet system


Pratico is a walk-in closet system composed of customizable wall panels, available in various finishes or printed graphics. You have the flexibility to arrange various internal fittings according to your needs, including wall-mounted or freestanding drawer units, shelves with integrated LED lighting, or pull-out accessories

This walk-in wardrobe features internal fittings designed to enhance organization and space optimization. Unlike conventional wardrobes, everything is on display here, so in addition to functionality, aesthetic appeal also plays a significant role. The drawer unit with smoked glass fronts adds a touch of elegance and lightness to the furniture's overall appearance.

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Designing Your Dream Walk-In Closet

A walk in closet offers the ultimate luxury for staying organized and creating a personalized dressing space. Also referred to as a wardrobe room, a clothing suite is a private room dedicated to clothing storage and dressing.

Beyond just holding your wardrobe, a well-designed walk-in closet can serve as a comfortable sanctuary for getting ready daily. With some creative planning and custom elements, you can craft the perfect dressing room to suit your needs and style.

Maximizing Space

A modern walk in closet should utilize every inch of available space efficiently. Measure the room meticulously and map out floor plans to scale. Mix open shelving, hanging rods, drawers, and cabinetry to hold everything while keeping an open, airy feel. Incorporate specialized storage like jewelry drawers, handbag racks, and ties cabinets according to what you own. Install floor-to-ceiling shelves or rods to take advantage of vertical room.

Specialized Features

Incorporate features like a centralized island or vanity, window seating, or a lounging sofa to enhance the usability and enjoyment of the space. An island provides a dressing station for sitting while putting on shoes or accessories. A vanity offers well-lit grooming space and storage for beauty products. A window seat or lounge chair invites you to take your time getting ready in a peaceful environment.

Lighting Layers

Proper lighting is key to a functional clothing suite. Install layers of light for distinct purposes and moods. Add ample overhead can lighting for general illumination when finding outfits. Include task lighting like LED strips under upper cabinets for visibility. Accent lighting like wall sconces provides a soft glow for the dressing area. Dimmer switches allow adjusting lights for day versus night.

Convenient Amenities

Further, elevate the space by incorporating amenities and technology for daily convenience. Some nice extras include:

  • Full-length mirrors for head-to-toe outfit viewing
  • Charging station to power devices
  • Shoe racks with hidden electrical outlets
  • Clothing steamer or wardrobe freshening system
  • Built-in ironing board
  • WiFi-enabled digital displays


Customized Organization

For more complex cloth suit designs involving structural changes, custom walk in closet, or advanced storage systems, it can be beneficial to hire a professional designer. Look for an experienced designer with expertise specifically in closet layout, functionality, and storage solutions. Provide them with your vision, overall budget, measurements, and the features most important to you.

A designer can create detailed plans, recommend space-saving solutions, source specialty organizers, and oversee installers. Request to see examples of the designer's past closet projects. Maintain open communication regarding timelines and budgets throughout the process. Hiring a professional allows you to tap into their expertise while still customizing the end result around your needs and preferences. For large, intricate closet designs, having the right designer's help can make all the difference.

Finishing Touches

Subtle finishing touches turn a basic storage room into an oasis. Add interest with wallpaper, tile patterns, or accent walls in on-brand colors. Install adjustable clothing rods and shelves to accommodate changing needs. Include closed storage like drawers or cabinets for hiding clutter. Upgrade hardware like drawer pulls and knobs for styling. Finally, keep the closet thoroughly organized and decorated to inspire daily use.

While outsourcing to closet designers can be worthwhile, you can execute your own closet vision on any budget. Take it step-by-step using a well-devised floor plan, purposeful organizational tools, customized amenities, and beautiful finishes. With diligent planning centered around your lifestyle and wardrobe, you can create a personalized walk in wardrobe that maximizes space while adding joy and convenience to your daily routine.



Q: How much is an average walk-in closet?
The cost of a walk-in closet can vary greatly based on size, materials, and customization. A small, basic builder grade may cost $4,000-$7,000. The average custom-designed walk-in closet ranges from $10,000-$20,000 installed. High-end custom closets with luxury finishes can run $20,000-$50,000+.



Q: What are the advantages of choosing custom walk-in closets over standard ones?
A: A custom dressing room allows you to personalize the layout, features, and storage to fit your space and wardrobe. They maximize every inch for optimal use vs standard sizes. You can select better-quality materials and details. Custom closets also increase home resale value.



Q: What design features can be incorporated into a modern walk-in closet?
A: Features like open shelving, metal finishes, hang rods instead of cabinets, modular storage cubes, upholstered elements, automated lighting, and smart home tech help give a walk-in closet a modern aesthetic.



Q: Are custom walk-in closets only for large spaces?
A: Not at all. A skilled designer can create customized and functional walk-in storage even in a small or awkwardly shaped room by maximizing every bit of space efficiently. Go for open-airy shelving over heavy cabinetry and utilize all vertical and horizontal space available.