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Westin Glass Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2681.00
Westin Wood Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3054.00
Rapa Nui Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3937.00
Diapason consolle
Cattelan Italia
$ 2300.00
Arpa Console
Tonin Casa
$ 3530.20
Nemo Extendible Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3419.00
Tour Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3350.00
on display
Valentinox Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 4183.00
Monaco Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3301.00
Convivium Extendible Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3182.00
Valentino Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3490.00
Bridge console
$ 2304.00
Altamura Console
Tonin Casa
$ 2333.20
Skyline Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3490.00
Stratos Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3703.00
Trevi Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2445.00
Penrose Console
$ 2492.40
Terminal Keramik Premium Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2724.00
Beverly Console
Tonin Casa
$ 4993.20
Terminal Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2378.00
Westin Keramik Premium Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3121.00
Etoile Consoles
Cattelan Italia
$ 1908.00
Westin Wood-C Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3054.00
Terminal Wood-C Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2681.00
Skyline Keramik Premium Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3456.00
Skyline Wood-C console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3388.00
Butterfly Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3071.00
Atrium Keramik Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 3482.00
Hip Hop Console
$ 907.20
Hip Hop Two Shelves Console
$ 1126.44
Terminal Keramik Drive
Cattelan Italia
$ 3336.00
Varenne Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 2329.00
Tee Console
Cattelan Italia
$ 1389.00
Avenue Console
Gruppo Gimo
Emerald Infinity Console
Morello Gianpaolo

Crafted with attention to sleek finishes and architectural silhouettes, Italian consoles rise about ordinary accent furnishings. Known for quality materials and timeless minimalism, these decorative tables enhance modern decor infinitely. Keep reading to learn how Italian sideboards actively improve interior spaces.

The Elegance of Contemporary Console Tables

Contemporary console tables stand out for their sleek designs and versatile functionality. Perfect for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of entryways or living rooms, these tables are characterized by:

  • Sleek and Minimalist Design: Emphasizing clean lines and uncluttered surfaces.
  • Diverse Materials: Incorporating glass, metal, and wood for a modern look.
  • Functional Elegance: Serving as both decorative pieces and practical furniture.

These tables are not just furniture; they are a statement of style, offering a modern touch to any room.

Modern Style Console Table: A Synthesis of Form and Function

Modern style console tables reflect the latest trends in design, featuring:

  • Innovative Features: Including unique shapes and multifunctional designs.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Showcasing the precision and care typical of Italian furniture making.
  • Designer Brands: Created by renowned Italian designers, these tables are often part of exclusive collections.

Whether placed in a hallway or used as an accent piece, these tables enhance the space with their contemporary flair.

Italian Style Console Tables: Timeless Beauty for Every Room

Modern Italian console tables are celebrated for their versatility and elegance, offering:

  • Varied Sizes and Designs: To fit any space, from compact to expansive areas.
  • Decorative Details: With intricate carvings and elegant glass tops adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Practicality and Style: Providing storage and display options without sacrificing design.

These Italian style console tables are ideal for those looking to add a piece of Italy's rich design heritage to their home.

Choosing the Perfect Italian Console

Selecting the right Italian console for your space involves considering:

  • Space and Size: Ensure the console fits comfortably in your intended area.
  • Design Style: Match the sideboard with your room's existing decor for a cohesive look.
  • Functionality: Consider how the console will be used to choose a design that meets your needs.

Blending high style with functionality, Italian stands actively improve interiors as spatial needs shift. Making these designer furnishings daily decorative problem solvers rather than merely occasional tables. Allow contemporary entryway tables to demonstrate their versatility within your living space.

Italian Design Interiors has a showroom in Boston, Massachusetts. At the showroom, you can personally view our selection of consoles.