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You have a beautifully appointed home. It's full of lavish textures and loaded with treasures collected from your travels. It reflects your success in life. It's spotless. Your friends always comment on how beautiful your home looks. Naturally, when it comes time to sell, you expect the realtor to praise your choice of decor and immediately start taking pictures. You’re shocked when she suggests that you consult with someone who stages homes.




Your home is ready for guests, but is it ready for market?


Our homes are expressions of ourselves. But when we place our home on the market, we're not looking for a roommate, we're looking for a buyer to invest in the property and make it their own. Your stunning collection of Bavarian crystal took years to obtain, the cabinet you display it in is custom made, but on the day of the showing that stunning display only serves to distract the eye from the main event; the fabulous dining room. Family photos on the mantle, your grandmother's antique buffet, the picture that Aunt Silvia painted; Living a full life means accumulating memories, but one person's memories is another person's clutter. Are those lavish tapestry curtains actually making the room feel dark? Does that expensive chef-grade cookware really suggest there aren't enough cabinets in the kitchen? Enter the designer with professional experience staging high-value properties. Their job is to see the property as an open canvas full of light, space, and possibilities. They add just enough detail to ignite the buyers imagination. A professional stager creates "scenes" within a room, inviting the would-be home owner to visualize themselves living there. The process begins before the buyer even arrives.



The National Association of Realtors (NAR) profiled literally thousands of buyers and found that 85% view potential properties online before visiting a property. Your home needs to be camera-ready before you're ready for an open house. A staging professional and your realtor are a team, collaborating like a production designer and a film director. The results are undeniable. Forty six percent of new home buyers said an attractive presentation online made them more willing to take the time to walk-thru a property. Staged homes spend 1/2 the time on the market of non-staged homes according to a recent survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Inc. Even more importantly, your investment in staging can yield substantial returns. The NAR's findings suggest a staging investment returns eight to ten percent above the normal selling price.



Producing these kinds of results requires more than simply hiring a stager to attract people to your property. It means connecting with "someone who makes the buyer swoon," a professional who's design choices help exhausted clients "move in" psychologically. The sales process then becomes a study in managing overwhelming demand. To achieve this, the staging designer must have access to exquisite furnishings, a sophisticated sense of aesthetics, and a keen understanding of how choices translate on-camera, online, and in terms of potential living space. As the seller you need some emotional distance from the experience, allowing the staging designer to re-imagine the space, accessorize where needed, neutralize a sometimes too personal room arrangement or color scheme, and create something that "pops” in the showing. You’ll know you're on the right track when you're standing at the open house wondering, "why are we moving again?"





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