Reflex Oh 72 Table

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Dining table with base in bent metal. Top in Marble glass 4+10mm, wing edge.


- 78 3/4" x 39 3/8" x 29 7/8"h
- 78 3/4" x 39 3/8" x 29 7/8"h shaped
- 98 3/8" x 47 1/4" x 29 7/8"h
- 98 3/8" x 47 1/4" x 29 7/8"h shaped
Through precious lessons deriving from the tradition of the family glassworks established in the 40s, the industrial glass, so charming with its linear essentiality, is enriched and warmed by shapes and colours that, although they are topical, always refer to the inexhaustible heritage of the Venetian handicraft, with intelligence and creativity, giving life to a product unique of its kind.
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