Eforma Noa Wood Dining Table

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The Noa table represents with style and determination the perfect modern wooden table, available in rectangular or shaped form to better immerse itself in the spaces of your home. With ease and elegance, it blends with any type of furniture, from the most contemporary to the most classic. The base is the result of an interweaving of oblique lines that intersect each other, creating a geometric pattern that changes from any angle it is looked at and where rigor and determination prevail. Its four V-shaped metal legs support a 38mm wooden top with oblique edges, in rectangular or shaped form. Its craftsmanship enhances the result of manual work that gives elegance and solidity to this piece of furniture. Noa is the wooden table for the contemporary living room that can also be made with a glass, ceramic, or marble top in various shapes and sizes to meet various aesthetic needs.


  • shaped 78 3/4" x 47 1/4"
  • shaped 94 1/2" x 47 1/4"
  • shaped 118 1/8" x 47 1/4"
  • rectangle 78 3/4" x 41 3/4"
  • rectangle 94 1/2" x 41 3/4"
  • rectangle 118 1/8" x 41 3/4"
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