Handmade with Love & Essentia's Patented Technology!
Lifestyle mattresses
Essentia’s Lifestyle mattresses made with organic and natural components will not stimulate the mind and body and will maintain a clean air environment. These mattresses are also hypoallergenic, as they don’t have any fiber batting and do not create a nesting ground for mites.
Paired with the latex support layer for proper posture, the Stratami is a highly rated mattress earning a top spot on Consumer Reports.

starting at $2,399.00
A latex mattress but better! The natural latex support layer is topped with Essentia’s patented natural memory foam for a touch of pressure relief and gentle contour.
starting at $1,999.00
Performance mattresses
Featuring Essentia’s original, ground breaking, patented technology the Performance collection of mattresses are what Essentia has built its disruptor reputation on “The World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress”. These mattresses maintain a clean air environment and are hypoallergenic while also offering pressure relieving technology, posture support and a cooler sleep.
Classic 8
The original Essentia mattress, Classic 8 is where physical support and the benefits of natural memory foam come together.

starting at $2,799.00
Energie Opus
Deep contouring for indulgent comfort. Offering a thick layer of Essentia’s patented natural memory foam the Energie Opus offers pressure relief and cloud like comfort for improved blood circulation.
starting at $3,499.00
The Eluxe offers ultra adaptive, luxe contouring for a plush cradling feel that will support your every curve by increasing the elasticity and density of the foam. Eluxe offers the highest level of support and durability for a sumptuous mattress.
starting at $4,299.00
Wholebody recovery mattresses
The top of the line, no other mattress can compare. Featuring Essentia’s patented molded core technology the Wholebody Recovery collection offers all six key elements of whole body recovery.
The ultimate in posture support and pressure relief, the Beausommet gives you the illusion of a firm mattress while still contouring the body with outstanding support.

starting at $4,299.00
Deep, luxurious support. The Dormeuse is the ultimate therapeutic mattress eliminating numbness and soreness, and promoting micro-hibernation putting your body into full recovery mode.
starting at $4,399.00
Dormeuse Fior
The plushest of the Essentia collection, Dormeuse Fior is exquisitely soft for top of the line luxury. If you love a pillow-top style mattress, the Dormeuse Fior will offer this feel and so much more.

starting at $4,999.00
Hybrid Mattresses
Essentia’s hybrid mattresses marry the best quality individually pocketed innerspring support with our new foam cores that features Essentia’s patented natural memory foam and organic latex foam. The latex core harmoniously works with the innerspring to offer a familiar feel and motion while creating unsurpassed support and comfort that you won’t find in any other spring or hybrid mattress. As with all Essentia products, our hybrid mattresses are made using GOLS and GOTS certified materials and produced in our GOLS and GOTS certified factory assuring Essentia quality standards. The Essentia Crossover Collection is the perfect entry into the world of Essentia next level sleep.
Tatami Hybrid
Adaptable to all sleeping positions & body types, experience edge support and a touch of pressure relief provided by Essentia’s patented natural memory foam.

starting at $1,899.00
Stratami Hybrid
The evolution of perfecting the hybrid concept. Featuring the active organic latex comfort layer that made the Stratami popular, experience unmatched pressure redistribution not found on any hybrid mattress.
starting at $2,199.00
Independently named the World’s Healthiest Mattress by nationally renowned wellness institutes , Essentia mattresses far surpass any mattress option on the market and are the only mattresses to focus on the six key elements of whole body recovery. By combining high quality natural and organic ingredients with patented technology Essentia mattresses outperform traditional memory foam and even organic mattresses by offering outstanding comfort and unparalleled quality.

Italian Design Interiors is proud to showcase the full Essentia line of mattresses which is broken down into three categories to fit every lifestyle need, as well as Essentia pillows. Essentia mattresses offer the healthiest sleep on the market while still keeping elements of style with their custom Zebrano organic cotton fabric, designed and hand woven in Italy.