Top 5 Cattelan Italia dining chairs

Maya Flex Chair

Cattelan Italia Maya Flex Chair

Maya Flex Chair designed by Paolo Cattelan has a steel frame and is upholstered in fabric, synthetic leather or soft leather. Has a flexible back rest for ultimate comfort. Designed with modern style, this sleek chair provides maximum comfort with a high backrest that adjusts to one’s posture. The chair is covered with soft leather throughout with light padding and an extra head cushion for ultimate comfort. Available in a variety of leather textures and colors to suit anyone’s taste.

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Lady Chair

Cattelan Italia Lady Chair

Lady chair was designed by Paolo Cattelan. This elegant and tasteful chair comes in a variety of frames, including natural beech wood or walnut Canaletto, wenge, white or black stained beech. This chair is upholstered in leather with many options in colors.

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Linda Chair

Cattelan Italia Linda Chair

Linda designed by Ca Nova Design is available as a chair as well as an armchair. This chair with its timeless, classic elegance is perfect for formal dining rooms. The frame is available in walnut Canaletto, natural beech, cherry, wenge , and silver or matte black stained beech . The upholstery can be done in fabric, soft leather or synthetic leather.


Isabel ML Chair

Cattelan Italia Isabel ML chair

This luxurious chair has a steel frame for steady support and lasting quality. With its premium leather upholstery and extra front cushioning this chair is unbelievably comfortable. Available in variety of leather colors to suit one’s needs.

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Agatha Flex Chair

Cattelan Italia Agatha Flex Chair

The Agatha Flex chair, Designed by Paolo Cattelan, has a steel frame for ultimate support and longevity. This chair has the most comfort offered in the Cattelan Italia line with flexible backrest and cushioning throughout the seat and the backrest. Available in fabric, synthetic leather or soft leather.

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