The Venice Collection

Grouped at the peak of the gleaming Adriatic Sea, the provinces of Italy’s Veneto region boast some of the most stunning vistas in all of Europe. From the iconic canals of Venice, the stunning lakes and mountains of Belluno and Trevista, to the intricate Rococo designs adorning the piazzas all over. The setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and home to some of the most striking and memorable artwork of the Italian renaissance filling cathedrals across the region, Veneto’s beauty is as much in its culture as in its landscape. By summer, the region bathes in warm life-affirming sunlight and, by winter, the northern snowcapped alps wrap themselves in a blanket of pure snow. As the seasons progress, with nature’s seamless charm at work in each, it is easy to see where Veneto native Antonio Vivaldi derived inspiration for his masterpiece, Four Seasons. It is also easy to imagine why visitors from all corners of the world flock, not just to Italy, but to Veneto.

With architecture as exquisite as can be seen anywhere on earth, and with natural and cultural inspiration at its apotheosis in Veneto, it can be no surprise that those born to this vibrant region with a passion for design and an eye for the aesthetic, produce some of the most expertly-crafted and stunning works of art in their field.

The Venice Collection is a unique blend of fine furniture composition and craftsmanship, created in Veneto Region. The pieces in the collection aren’t simply objects, but works of passion, teeming with life.

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Each designer in our Venice Collection captures the essence of Veneto Region in his own unique way, giving scope to the magnitude of offerings of the region so we might have a glimpse of its grace and beauty.

Reflex Angelo

Location: Biancade, Province of Treviso, Veneto region

Dandolo 40 Side table by Reflex Angelo
Dandolo 40 Side table by Reflex Angelo

Dandolo 40

From the isles of Murano, a tradition over a thousand years old makes Veneto the world leader in fine glasswork. With trade secrets passed down from family to family and the kind of skill that takes generations to perfect, Veneto’s Murano glass draws admirers from all over the world. Each year the festival of glass sees this amazing artistry reach new peaks and leaves tourists wondering how to bring such exquisite beauty into their own lives. The designers of Reflex Angelo have answered their questions in the most extraordinary and con-structive way by bringing the tradition and artistry of Murano glass to home furnishing. The Dandolo 40 table exemplifies this marriage with stunning 100% glass base and top.

The base, as smooth and fluid in aspect as the flowing water of Treviso’s river Sile, is available in Transparent, Grey, Tobacco or Amber-Iridium Murano glass. With the transparent base, you will feel that the table floats easily on water itself, defying gravity for all to see. If you prefer your table to alight on a cloud of smoke or a cascade of gold, the other base finishes are no less breath-taking. Transparent glass, 10mm thick tops this effortless beauty with 45° bevel available, and plate on the top in satin, brass, or titanium finishes.

Signore Degli Anelli 72 Table by Reflex Angelo
Signore Degli Anelli 72 Table by Reflex Angelo

Signore Degli Anelli 72

Like the stalwart yet aerodynamic mooring structures just offshore that ma-rine-folk call “dolphins”, The Signore Degli Angelli 72 provides both a safe harbor and an anchor point for your dining room. The piles that make up this table’s strong legs are not, like their inspiration, made of hard steel, or iron, but sleek and sophisticated Murano Glass. The precision and expertise of the glass-masters allows the seemingly paradoxical marriage of elegance and grit. It is a table of strength as well as refinement.

Its cylindrical pile legs are available in transparent, red, blue, aquamarine, amber, tobacco, or amethyst Murano glass. The tables top is available in trans-parent glass (15 mm thick), Marble glass, or Bevel Wood, allowing impressive creativity that is customizable to your dining space and lifestyle. Forceful waters meet smooth sailing with this masterpiece of art and architecture.

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Cattelan Italia

Location: Carrè, Province of Vicenza, Veneto Region


“…Look how the floor of heaven
Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold:
There’s not the smallest orb which thou behold’st
But in his motion like an angel sings.”

Lorenzo, the young lover in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, spoke to his beloved of the stars in the sky as the floor of heaven itself, rich with gold so beautiful it made the angels sing. On clear and crisp Veneto nights, this is a sight known all too well by stargazing Venetians.

400 years later, another Lorenzo gazed at the same Venice sky, beheld the same glistening stars, and went to work designing the Voyager sideboard by Cattelan Italia. Designer Lorenzo Remedi determined to bring a piece of the heavens into the homes of his patrons by adorning his Sideboard in mirrored frosted-bronze glass with relief glossy black decorations, or in mirrored-bronze glass with relief golden decorations, giving these pieces a constellation-like glow.

Available in two or three doors and in polished lacquered wood glossy moka, glossy white, matt white, matt graphite, or titanium, the Voyager can fully cus-tomize your corner of the sky.

The feet are available in polished stainless steel, matt white, or matt graphite, and the internal shelves glint in clear glass, with optional internal drawer in each door. The top sparkles in extra clear mirrored frosted-bronze glass, or ex-tra-clear mirrored bronze glass.

With so many divine options, you may just hear the sounds of the angels Lo-renzo envisioned there.


Location: Gaiarine, Province of Treviso, Veneto region

Amante bed by Pianka


With a vintage nod to old world elegance, Pianca’s Amante bed has all the ro-mance. Simple and sleek with a bold but subtle color pallet, the Amante conveys a runaway romance to a time of sweet nostalgia. Distinctly European, this bed also abounds with customizable options including six high gloss and six matt laquered structure finishes, as well as plain or pleated head-board available in a variety of fabrics and colors, all readily available to be suited to your boudoir. Pianca knows beds like Venicians know love, and that’s the kind of expertise you want in your decor as well as in your beloved. If those two happen to be the same thing? The sweeter the dreams for you!

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Location: Treviso, Province of Treviso, Veneto region

Eleven Sideboard by Jesse

Eleven Sideboard

Look again, at this aesthetic apparition which is so much more than just the suave and stylish sideboard it might seem at first glance. Polished and tasteful, hearty and functional, the Eleven does present all the best designer Massimili-ano Mornati has to offer, but as if to say ‘I am from Veneto and know how to work magic with glass,’ Mornati uses the transparent glass of the four hinged doors to create a stunning visual affect that works almost like an illusion, giv-ing at once the appearance of reflective mirror and light, and, upon closer in-spection, a glimpse at the treasures inside.

For his next illusion, Mornati’s designed a suspended shelf in the Canaletto walnut interior complete with an integrated lighting system giving the side-board a stunning visual and a distinct “now you see me/now you don’t” quali-ty to the contents within.

Two finishes are available: matte lacquered and glossy lacquered in a wide va-riety of colors.

Tonin Casa

Location: San Giorgio in Bosco, Province of Padova, Veneto region

Pandora Table

Before achieving fame as the opener of the infamous “box,” Pandora was the first woman created by the gods, who worked together to build her in perfec-tion, each contributing a gift so she might be endowed with all the splendors of the celestial. Her name meant “all-gifted.” The name is felicitous for this uniquely endowed table by Tosca Design for Tonin Casa. Powerful and rooted as Mt Olympus, this table makes a bold statement of unmatchable style while allowing the playful blend of several distinctive design elements. This work, as much a sculpture as a table, is distinguished by real marble, lacquered wood, and fused glass. The passed down family tradition of expert furniture is evi-dent in the ease with which the Pandora makes its confident and dauntless ap-pearance, befitting any Greek legend…or Italian one for that matter.

Available in a vast array of finishes, sizes, and with and optional Lazy Susan, the name Pandora will forever have a new association – that of the mighty, the alluring, and the divinely gifted.