The Traveler Collection

Traveler is a collection inspired by the journey, with sofas and armchairs designed as homages to the great cities of the world, and was born to tell the cosmopolitan soul of NATUZZI EDITIONS. We believe that every different culture enriches all the others, and that a comfort for all – as it aspires to be ours – must take into account the cultural differences between the various countries and the different habits of their people. To ensure personalized comfort and sustainable quality through innovative, versatile and functional products – crafted for humans.


Macao is called the “Eastern Las Vegas”, because the game, along with tourism, drives the economy of the place, visited every year by millions of people from all over the world. It’s precisely at the largest casino in the world – the Grand Lisboa, one of the most famous and iconic buildings of the city – that its namesake sofa is inspired, starting from the design of the armrests, so slender and extroverted.

Along with the high back and the wide seats, they make Macao a true monument to hospitality and personalized comfort. The options are multiplied by the various positions of the headrest and armrests, which conceal an adjustable ratchet that always offers the ideal support. Macao is available in leather or fabric, with legs in both metal (black glossy chromed finishing) or wood (walnut or wenge finishing).

Macao sofa from Natuzzi Editions

Macao sofa from Natuzzi Editions

New York

No other city better embodies the cosmopolitan soul of the brand, and the mix of architecture and contemporary design that this model – New York – conveys so clearly. A sofa that pays homage to the “big apple” celebrating its skyline with defined volumes as well as geometric and square shapes. An open base sofa, where even its custom feet become an architectural motif. A sofa that finds its ideal space in a SoHo loft – among elegant buildings with cast iron facades – or in Greenwich Village, with its narrow alleys, classic fire escape stairs and vintage shops. Like New York where its beauty is precisely hidden in the multiform and varied diversity of its multi faces.

New York is a modular sofa with clean and rigorous lines, with geometric shapes and volumes. A mix of contemporary design and comfort, in the best Natuzzi tradition, which finds its perfect synthesis in the large, soft back cushions that interrupt the pure geometry of the armrest. An open base sofa, with metallic feet in matte black finish – which become an architectural motif. The corner version integrates an elegant wooden coffee table (on request in other versions) with Tanganyika Tobacco finish. Available in leather and fabric.

New York sofa by Natuzzi Editions

New York sofa by Natuzzi Editions

New York is a bed with clean and rigorous lines, defined volumes and geometric shapes. A mix of contemporary design and comfort. Comes with a space-saving wooden panel instead of slatted base. Available in leather or fabric. Metallic feet in matt black finishing.

New York bed from Natuzzi Editions


Parigi is a sofa designed to make you totally comfortable, to the point that, after just one day, you feel like you have always lived with it. Flourishing soft shapes and rounded lines that visually recall the Macarons, colorful icons of Parisian pastry. Its welcoming personality is underlined by the large enveloping armrests, which become one with the backrest and invite you to “sink” into comfort.

A sofa that is already a classic, out of fashion, perfect with vintage furniture and also in contemporary contexts. Available in leather, fabric and a stylish mix of both.

Parigi sofa from Natuzzi Editions

A bed with soft and seductive shapes – rounded lines that recall the Macarons, colorful icons of Parisian pastry. Available in leather, fabric and a refined mix of both. Metal feet in brushed brass or black chrome finishing.

Parigi bed from Natuzzi Editions


“All roads lead to Roma,” says an ancient Latin saying. And the sofa that pays homage to the “eternal city” is inspired by its ancient streets, with their intersections that drew perfect squares and rectangles. Those same geometries are found on the upholstery of the sofa, to enhance its majestic shape and at the same time slender. In addition, with its square cuts like a chessboard – on the leather version – also declares an inspiration to the “sampietrini”, the small stone blocks used for the flooring of the Roman historic centre.

Roma sofa by Natuzzi Editions

A sofa with large seats, adjustable backrests and armrest and – on some versions – a terminal with ceramic side top in jazz white finishing, for a contemporary version of the “otium”, the care of the spirit through good readings and the pleasures of social and convivial life. Available in leather and fabric with two different stitching patterns on the back and seat that can be combined with each other. Metal legs with glossy chromed finishing.

Roma sectional by Natuzzi Editions


Baltimora is inspired by the clean and defined forms of architecture that houses the National Aquarium, the most iconic and recognizable building of this great seaside city. The structure of the buildings makes the overall image extremely modern, treasure trove of a magical world to immerse yourself in. This linearity makes the Baltimora sofa a contemporary classic, perfectly at ease in any type of living, and the cleanliness of the back allows you to place it even in the middle of the room.

Baltimora sofa by Natuzzi Editions

Its cozy seats hide a latest generation Dual Power motion recliner with separately adjustable headrest and footrest – operated by a push-button on the outside of the armrest, which in the armless seats is covered in leather and can be hidden between the seats. If the recliner function is activated, the headrest rises automatically to give maximum support to the head, and soon after the seat tilts and the footrest opens. In the fixed version, the headrest is manually adjustable. Available in leather or fabric, with wooden framed feet – which develop throughout the depth of the armrest – in walnut or wenge finishing.

Baltimora sectional by Natuzzi Editions


Boston pays tribute to the city famous for its colleges and prestigious universities – it’s inspired in particular by the architecture of the Berklee College of Music, dedicated to the study of jazz and contemporary music. The college architecture, in fact, is conceived as a convivial and meeting space where you can live and learn music in total harmony with the city.

Boston sectional by Natuzzi Editions

Likewise, the Boston sofa is a modern, linear space where you can share experiences pampered by the great artisanal comfort of which the masters Natuzzi are true virtuosos. A more enveloping comfort, thanks to the greater seat depth. Available in leather or fabric, with wooden feet framed – which develop throughout the depth of the armrest – in walnut or wenge finish.

Boston sofa by Natuzzi Editions


Singapore is the future, a model of metropolis that recalls that imagined by Blade Runner, and not only visually but also for the extraordinary melting pot of cultures and ethnicities that is its distinctive feature. It’s amazing how so many different cultures can coexist in such a fascinating balance. Balance that becomes the concept from which comes to life the namesake sofa.

Singapore sofa by Natuzzi Editions

A project in which the balance between functionality and aesthetics finds a perfect synthesis, through a wide range of configurations, and at the same time new and original, thanks to “details” such as the side pocket on the armrests and the integrated support surface – in one of the versions.

Singapore sofa by Natuzzi Editions


Both the sculptural splendour and sharp silhouette of Cuzco are inspired by the magnificent masonry of great Inca cities, like Machu Picchu and, precisely, Cuzco. The towering walls were not only built as an act of devotion to the gods, but also provided protection against external attack. An inspirational image that has been viewed through a fresh modern lens to create a design that combines iconically imposing shapes with a modern functional total-living concept offering a vast array of modular elements and possible combinations between them.

Cuzco sectional by Natuzzi Editions

The architecture of the great Inca cities is reinterpreted through a modern and fresh lens, to create a sofa that combines iconic shapes and innovative features. Each seat is also finished on the sides to live independently and concealed hooks to create various modular combinations. On the back we find two buttonholes to anchor an optional shelf.

Cuzco sectional by Natuzzi Editions

The sculptural beauty of Cuzco bed – inspired by themagnificent Inca walls like the whole collection – pays homage to Andean culture,whose warmth also transpires from thechoice of materials and color palette. The bed is in fact available in carefully chosenfabrics, leather in rich earthy hues and arefined mix of both. Metal feet with shinysilver finishing.

Cuzco bed by Natuzzi Editions


When you think of Sydney, the first image that comes to mind is the Opera House, with its white sails that stand out between the blue of the sea and the azure of the sky of Australia. A symbol, a powerful icon that inspired an armchair in which design and architecture combine to create a silhouette defined but cozy, scenic and thin but able to guarantee absolute comfort – enhanced by the Dual Power motion recliner that allows you to adjust the backrest and footrest separately. Sydney also contains the very essence of Australia, its being geographically isolated but culturally rich thanks to the “melting pot” of people who arrived here since its discovery to date.

Likewise, the armchair, dedicated to personal comfort and pleasure, redeems its “isolation” through design, a transversal, collective and universal language that makes it dialogue with everything around it. In perfect accordance with Natuzzi Editions philosophy. Available in leather or fabric, in two different sizes: King and Queen (the latter also in a stationary swivel version). Metal base in anthracite finishing.

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