Sleeper Hit: Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper

In the world of classical music, an ARIOSO is a soaring operatic aria. In the world of finely crafted Italian furnishings ARIOSO by Natuzzi Italia is a sumptuous blend of sleep technology, luscious cushions, and fabrics. When the curtain comes down, this sleeper is a triumph of comfort and simplicity. The style and clean lines bely the large voluptuous seats, each with an added layer of memory foam. Step back, open the headrest, and the ARIOSO presents a plot twist. Within the lumbar support backrest are two 100% goose feather cushions for maximum convenience and comfort. Pleasant surprises are emblematic of the piece.



Like any timeless musical composition, the beauty of ARIOSO is in it’s ingenuity and the “ah ha” moments it provokes. Here is a sofa that on its face is the kind of ultra cushiony living room center-piece that invites everyone to relax and play. A single movement later its a technologically advanced custom sleep experience. The optional classic spring or Greenplus mattress, the convertible headrests which become an elegant headboard, and the flexibility of using feather cushions as bolsters all add to the transformative nature of this sofa turned sleeper. The “Ready Bed” mechanism offers light-touch one-handed ease when opening. Add the uniquely placed hidden pillow compartment which optimizes storage capacity, and you have a symphony of possibilities.


Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper


The counterpoint to the ARIOSO sleeper sofa is the equally poignant sleeper chair, offering all these creature comforts in a compact little number that opens into a space-saving chaise. Both pieces play out in a banquet of color and pattern choices all in deeply textured fabric or microfiber. These are well orchestrated designs in tune with classic or contemporary furnishings. Both achieve the harmony of comfort and lasting value you expect from Natuzzi. Visit out Watertown design center, put some Puccini on your headphones, and experience the sumptuous beauty of this sleeper for yourself.


Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper

Posted by: Thomas Kee