Open Systems: A perfect Marriage of Form and Function

The open system explores different aspects of contemporary interior design that reflect the trends of modern living. Wide-open spaces, a thoughtful mixing of materials, functional elements that work with the habits of everyday life – in other words, a basic simplicity that can formulate infinity solutions, from the most essential walls to the most innovative layouts.

For the most important part of your home, the Jesse Collection offers versatile and original modular systems. We offer traditional solutions, such as bookshelves and cabinets, as well as innovative ones, such as wall hangings covering entire walls. The style can be traditional or witty, sophisticated or youthful – for the simplest home to the house of your dreams.

From the beginning, the Jesse design concept has been about contemporary style: our collection is constantly changing and evolving, allowing it to reflect our clients’ lifestyle changes. The exceptional range of styles that make up the Jesse collection is the result of an intense dialogue between our company and the designers who contribute their different sensibilities to create highly original design concepts.

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