A Subtle, Stylish Character

“She that was ever fair and never proud,
Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud.”
Iago, Shakespeare’s “Othello”


Shakespeare’s famous villain Iago took a moment to describe the love of his life, and with it, the nature of understated beauty. Natuzzi Italia has lent his namesake to a creation singular in austere and muted elegance. Iago is the opposite of ostentatious. The low profile cubical form of this secretly comfy recliner places easily beside the boldest ultra-contemporary furnishings without overshadowing or dominating the visage. And yet, it is a gorgeous piece that speaks volumes about the refined taste of those that choose it.

Lurking beneath the surface of this uniquely low-seated collage of deeply padded block-form cushions, are the relaxation devices Natuzzi uses to write the poetry of comfort. Handsomely, handcrafted “pinched” stitching aliterate the phrases of it’s composition. Few sofas are similar, but many attempt to plagiarize the originality, and thus are cheapened in the attempt.



Othello was a “soft touch” to Iago’s machinations, an irony not lost on the designers at Natuzzi Italia. Their Soft Touch mechanism allows every seat in the Iago to be adjusted perfectly to suit the character or your comfort. Memory Foam padding softens every angle and soothes your every slight suffered by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” while still remaining beautifully formed. “A timeless classic,” oft overused in literary criticism, is apropos in describing Iago’s uncanny ability to incorporate the Zerowall space saving system without shattering the illusion of the ultra-contemporary; delivering a subtle sophistication. The entire relax system can be powered with a rechargeable battery, dispensing with inelegant cordage, and liberating this sofa to stand cleanly apart in any area of your living space. An interior designers dream in it’s flexibility, it leaps off the page in renderings while remaining an understated essential to any luxurious living space.



“Action is eloquence” according to Shakespeare. Creating a magnificently soft, yet stylishly iconic piece that acts the part, both in the realm of the aesthetic and in service to the sublime pursuit of relaxation, is therefor a sofa “devoutly to be wished.” Iago can take many forms: as an inline recliner, with a corner configuration, even without the recliner option as a seriously comfortable divan. Your personal design consultant at Italian Design Interiors can assist your selection of the perfect woven fabric or hand-tooled leather upholstery to place this character effortlessly in the story of your elegant living space. Our Watertown Design Center is the perfect place to encounter the Iago Sofa and it’s clever cadence of comfort and prescient allure.

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posted by Thomas K