Mediterranean comfort. Juno sofa by Massimo losa Ghini

“We’ve been expecting you” her smooth voice reverberates in the atmosphere around you. You know you are in the presence of greatness and of overwhelming power but, somehow, you are not afraid. “Please,” she says, “Come.” You enter her dominion, a mountain peak of cloud and open air. This creature, you know, is Juno, Queen of the gods. She is mighty- a force to be reckoned with. Yet there is something playful and open about her, almost childlike and full of a vital life force that is infectious and makes you feel more alive than you have ever felt before. You perceive your surroundings. You expect this heavenly dwelling place of the mighty gods of Rome to be filled with bold and firm structures- displays of Jupiter’s fierce authority. But instead you are greeted by soft edges, smoothed lines, and puckish symmetry. This place was not made to intimidate, but to invite. This place has known Juno’s touch, for certain.  The glowing goddess offers you a glass of wine and points you to a cloud, inviting you to sit. As you approach the cloud or, is it an ocean wave? Whatever it is, you sit. You are engulfed by opulent comfort and you relax feeling safe in her cocoon. In all your mortal days, you have never felt more welcome. 

Juno by Massimo losa Ghini
Juno by Massimo losa Ghini

In a world filled with hard realities each time we set foot out of doors, designer Massimo Iosa Ghini finds himself pulled to the Natuzzi traditions of softness, luxury, and fluidity. Home, he feels, must be a place of absolute comfort at every corner. He therefore uses soft edges and organic shapes when designing the Juno Sofa in collaboration with Natuzzi Italia. “The paradigm has changed” says Iosa Ghini. “In coming years we will see a lot of creativity in domestic spaces.” So he looks to organic shapes and maximum comfort in the archetypical shape of the Juno Sofa. 

The soft opulent leather coverings embody the timeless elegance and premium quality that is at the core of Natuzzi Italia and give the welcoming homey feel that Iosa Ghini wanted to achieve. The natural, top grain leather has been buffed during the finishing process to give the leather a velvet-like look and feel. This makes it both soft to the touch and gives it it’s velvety, rich look. It is available as a two or three seater and can be customized with a variety of different fabrics to fit the needs of your home and lifestyle. 

As you spend more and more time in the sanctuary of your home, why not take a tip from the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome and invite in a sofa that is soft, fluid, and welcoming, with the Juno Sofa

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