Inspired by the olive tree – Eufolia sofa by Marcel Wanders

Eufolia, though not exactly in common parlance, is defined in the urban dictionary as “pleasant flower” or “anything good or positive.” For Marcel Wanders, clearly EUFOLIA is much more dimensional. In his most recent offering to the CIRCLE OF HARMONY – LIVE THE TRANSITION collection, PJ Natuzzi’s stunning collection of design-forward furnishings and decor, there is a sense of the euphoria of the moment meeting the foliage of the Mediterranean. In fact PJ has said of the collection, “this is the Mediterranean revealing itself in the most imaginative way.”  Marcel Wanders Studio brims with this energy and it reveals itself in all they do. Even the creative team, led by Gabriele Chiave, can’t resist making goofy faces and donning fake noses on their team web page. Adding the riotous Wanders/Chiave to Natuzzi’s dream showcard of designers for this collection was only natural. The playful, self-effacing joie de vivre which is the essence of Marcel and Gabriele’s studio plays out in their collaboration with PJ and the EUFOLIA SOFA is a natural riff off that willingness to experiment. 

Eufolia sofa by Marcel Warders studio

The inflection point, according to Gabriele Chiave, was to create something “on a different scale” than many of the offerings by Natuzzi which tend to be quite grand; something that was more suitable for an urban lifestyle. The sofa needed to be light. This had to be a sectional that could combine and reconfigure to define living space to generate room for imagination, relaxation, and celebration. The jazz of the EUFOLIA SOFA becomes an episodic tablature built around a theme, low-rise chaise poised abreast a pocketed table with horizontal sliding compartment, all counterpointing a two seat setee. The piece is elevated on a light stainless, brushed Steel that taper offering another hint of elegance. The core spun BYBORRE fabric is a double-sided, high density fabric selected for its robust, lush knit. It is wool and synthetic blended in a sustainable, low carbon yarn that offers strength and consistency of drape in a carbon conscious upholstery. In other words, it hits every note in terms of form and function while still presenting a crisp extensile outline like any classic number.

PJ Natuzzi describes Wanders as being “always playful, dreamy and energetic with a very romantic sense of life.” We could all be so lucky as to receive such laurels after managing a studio in the heart of Amsterdam that tends to marquis clients like Baccarat, Flos, and Louis Vuitton. Humor, dedication to craft, and a refusal to take oneself over seriously are evident in their every creative project from product to interior design. Among this company EUFOLIA SOFA is right at home in the Diamond Facade Wanders created for Louis Vuitton. But PJ Natuzzi has a vision that CIRCLE OF HARMONY will be more than big name designers bringing “their thing” to Natuzzi, and EUFOLIA SOFA  is not overshadowed by the Wanders/Chiave panache. Instead it hits the perfect notes in CIRCLE OF HARMONY – LIVE THE TRANSITION. It’s a new furnishing for the new kind of lifestyle we are living, an “ah-ha moment” in our quest for a new, highly energized, imaginative way of designing that living space. Built on the sense and sustainability of Natuzzi craftsmanship, inspired by PJ’s insights into evocative furnishings and the natural majesty of Puglia Italy; the result is explosive.

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