Grand Opening of our new Kelvin Giormani Gallery

IDI is proud to be the home of the exclusive Kelving Giormani Gallery in the Boston Metro Area.

For over a decade, Kelvin Giormani has been supplying the world with the most contemporary sofa designs and is known in the market as always delivering on quality and design.

Giormani was founded by Mr. Kelvin Ng and Ms Jane Tong in 1999. As sofa is the centerpiece of a home that can gather all family members for a long time, they started the business by providing quality, comfortable and stylish sofa furniture. Working with young designers from Italy, Germany and Hong Kong for years enables the Company to keep up with the latest trends from the continent and ensures a freshness of approach. Also, its designer team masterfully blends tradition and innovation, classic and contemporary designs, to create unique and modern sofas and armchairs. Giormani’s designs consistently combine functionality with creativity.






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