Freedom and rebirth – Timeless by Lorenza Bozzoli

The TIMELESS in you … knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” – The Prophet. So too, Lorenza Bozzoli’s newest design, in her own quirky and quietly magnificent way, evokes a lifetime of relaxing in luxurious furnishings thus allowing us to dream. Her latest collaboration for Pasquale Natuzzi is a handmade leather sectional that flowers with the essence of couture. “Couture is made especially for a person” in the words of Lorenza Bozzoli, native of Milan whose work has graced the cover of virtually every design magazine you’ll read this year. “Nothing lasts forever but quality” look around Italy.  “We’re artisans. It’s in our DNA.” TIMELESS SOFA captures this moment of your history and affixes it to a tactile memory of elegance, comfort, and ease of living that will bring you back to this centerpiece in your living space time-and-again. 

Timeless Sofa by Lorenza Bozzoli

Discovering TIMELESS may be the easy part. Customize your choices of color and covering, leather, fabric and multiple modules in its sectional portfolio, and this sofa becomes a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between you and designer Lorenza Bozzoli’s couture concept. Choose the pure aniline leather grain, for example, a thick, full, smooth look because of its unique tanning process. It is remarkably natural and appropriately varied, combining with the gentle sloping curves that accent the unmistakable Mediterranean lines of the TIMELESS SOFA. Now you’ve customized a piece that is as at home in a chic 1920’s Neapolitan apartment as it would be beside a fire at a lodge in Wyoming. And this is just one of dozens of coverings and configurations at your fingertips. But don’t mistake flexibility with ambiguity. There is nothing tepid of half-hearted about the form or materials at work here. Lorenza has created a sofa that encompasses who we are the “spirit of inclusion, and hospitality, just like a warm mediterranean embrace.’

Maybe it’s the sloping recess that pulls you back and elevates your feet a little when easing back into the TIMELESS SOFA, but there is something Lorenza Bozzoli has encoded into the couture “DNA” of this sectional that is unmistakably POSH. It’s just a hint of haughty, but it’s there and it adds to the ambience. Pasquale Natuzzi’s LIFE IN HARMONY is not just about balance and sustainability. “We design to tell a story.” He says, “this is the Mediterranean revealing itself in the most imaginative way;” not a shy declaration. TIMELESS is not a bashful appellation. It seeks to capture a place in your imagination and kindle the spirit of freedom and rebirth in your heart. Translate that into a real, tangible furnishing of exquisite build and composition that invites you and your loved ones to come together to create a shared history beginning now; now you got it. 

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