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Devotion, loyalty, ardor, all feelings evoked by the name Fidelio, a loose translation of Fidelity from Italian. Also the way you are likely to feel about this remarkable piece of contemporary furniture, a piece that will literally transform the way you experience your modern living space. Sound excessive? It won’t after you’ve kicked back with your favorite book, surrounded by this plush, over-stuffed, hand crafted leather recliner. This is seriously well conceived luxury. Consider the source. Master interior design architects Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi (made famous for founding their own elite design studio Arketipo) have collaborated with Natuzzi Italia to deliver this innovative, style-forward sofa in broad strokes of innovation and craftsmanship.
Foremost, the Fidelio sofa is about comfort. It’s beautiful to look at but even more beautiful to relax into. Over twenty shades of thickened Natuzzi leather upholstery are available along with dozens of other fabric options which wrap the soft memory foam in a smooth, ever durable covering matching any interior color scheme. These neatly tucked seams literally billow with padding in the expansive headrest which spans the entire seat. Tiered leg rests stretch out to put you fully at ease. The equally well apportioned arm rests angle out slightly to match the contours of your body and make that impromptu nap even more cozy when you stretch across all three seats.

Natuzzi Italia Fidelio

True to form, Manzoni and Tapinassi’s dapper recliner features a full compliment of clever engineering, making this piece as easy to enjoy as one can imagine. Soft Touch mechanisms, right where you reach for them but seemingly invisible, activate the recliner simultaneously moving all the rest surfaces to your favorite positions. Choose the rechargeable battery option to place the Fidelio in the center of the room free of power cords, or (if your interior design places the sofa against a wall) the Zerowall System allows the recliner to open perfectly without loosing any interior space.
From the rolled seams on the thickened Italian leather, to the elegant stainless steel framing that gracefully encompasses the arms, framing the entire seat in a single band, there is no question this is a stunning piece visually. Pair Fidelio with the Naos Armarcord Coffee Table (also featured in our Watertown Design Center) to accent movement and inventive design as a focal point in your living room.

Natuzzi Italia Fidelio
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Posted by: Thomas Kee