Dorian: The Portrait of Elegant Design

Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Timeless beauty is the inspiration of Maurizio Manzoni and Robert Tapinassi’s exquisitely crafted modular concept piece DORIAN for Natuzzi Italia.  StudioMemo’s premier design partners draw their elegant sofa’s namesake from Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Their creation achieves the ageless allure of the novel’s protagonist without selling its soul.

At ease amidst a luxury living room ensemble, accenting a home entertainment studio, or relaxing in the office, DORIAN’s sweeping outline echoes the contour of Manzoni yacht designs while blending deep, low seated comfort. Covering and configuration options excite the imagination and adapt easily to a broad array of refined interiors. You can picture the international architect at work in this styling: balancing proportions, concealing seams, suggesting unique arrangements. The effect is an effortless execution of versatility and comfort.


Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Thick leather or richly woven fabric double stitched tone-on-tone entirely encompass this refined system of seats. The rich upholstery cloaks DORIAN’S generous proportions, linear design, and sophisticated composition. Every aspect of this composition reveals intelligent textile choices characteristic of Professor Tapinassi’s decades of fabric and interior design experience, all uniquely suited to deliver comfort and underlying form. Integrated lumbar cushioning joined with ECOFLEX memory foam deliver lasting support and durability on a hidden matte-black polished steel footing sensibly padded to protect modern flooring.

Meticulously handcrafted, made from sustainable materials, and invested with a lifetime structural warranty, this piece embodies Pasquale Natuzzi’s half-a-century long commitment to heirloom quality furnishings. DORIAN is a finely detailed portrait of lasting elegance.


Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Experience the comfort and styling of the DORIAN modular concept in person. Italian Design Interiors is proud to present the latest most innovative offerings from Natuzzi Italia in our showroom. Visit our Watertown design center and imagine!

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