Circle of Harmony New 2021 Natuzzi Italia Collection

Solar collection by Claudio Bellini

Simplicity meets fine ingredients and natural beauty in Apulia, the southern “boot” region of Italy. It is a region of coastline and rolling hills, of abundant olives, tomatoes, and the finest burrata. Here, life is embraced and craftsmanship is admired. The soft curves seen throughout the landscape and the minimalistic way of life in Apulia comes to vivid life nowhere more so than in Natuzzi’s new SOLAR collection by Claudio Bellini. The collection is a tribute to the happy days and childhood memories of this expert designer, giving a nod to the place he loved so much as a boy, and that Mediterranean lifestyle he so admires. The culture is one of hospitality, of warmth, of sun drenched welcoming, and those ideals are intrinsic in every piece of this stunning yet effortlessly lovely collection.

Solar Collection by Claudio Bellini
Solar Collection by Claudio Bellini

The Pablo sofa is the epitome of the ideals that the SOLAR collection embraces. The phrase “sun-kissed” may come to mind as the look pf the piece has the feel of warm Italian countryside and the openness and artlessness with which the people their approach life. With soft, easy curves and simple earth tones (coverings available in a range of fabrics and leathers,) this modular system allows for several configurations with interplay of different heights and shapes. The ability to alternate backrests of varying heights promises the utmost comfort while the narrow, elegant armrests are embellished by pewter satin finish metal rings on both sides to match the feet.

If one can capture a culture in a piece of furniture, it is done here in the Pablo sofa and to recline in it is to feel the repose that comes with sun on your face and the gentle rush of the ocean waves upon the shore. Comfort is not forsaken in the name of style in this finely crafted sofa either. Rather the organic softness and gentility of the Apulian landscape is reflected in the plush build and textiles.

New Classic collection by Fabio Novembre

Contemporary style and design meet a furniture classic in New Classic, by designer Fabio Novembre. When designing this collection for Natuzzi Italia, Novembre wisely mused that there is a reason a piece of furniture becomes a classic and, rather than change a formula proven by time to work, that he might, instead, take that formula and augment it with a modern sense of design mastery, aesthetic appeal, and subtle elegance. Inspired by sofa mainstay, “The Chestnut”, Novembre wanted to capture the quintessential look and feel of this furniture paradigm, yet add to it an ultramodern expertise and sense of the in-vogue minimalism of contemporary decor.

New Classic sofa by Fabio Novembre
New Classic sofa by Fabio Novembre

While the classic Chestnut sofa we have all come to know remains present in essentials, it has been transformed to a work of art, playing with light, texture, comfort and possibilities. A sculpture, as much as a sofa, and a study of increased style and ease in a crowd favorite. Jumping off the page and out into your living room, as from a  piece of art on the wall or marble sculpture off a dais, the sofa itself adds more to your home than just a wonderful place to rest after a long day, but is also a talking piece and a study in fine art.

Available in a wide variety of leathers and fabrics as well as an array of composition options to meet the feel and needs of your home, the New Classic sofa additionally provides the option of being able to upholster it with contrasting colors to enhances its expressive potential. Here, Natuzzi Italia and Fabio November have taken the best of a classic and reworked it with an eye on aesthetic expertise and top craftsmanship in this New Classic Sofa.

Infinito Collection by Marcantonio

One of the most powerful symbols in the collective imagination comes alive in Infinito by Natuzzi Italia through designer Marcantonio. In a world where shapes and patterns exist all around us and dominate our worlds, the concept of transforming “infinity” into a work of art as well as piece of fine and luxurious furniture craftsmanship was no small undertaking.

The process was a focus on poetry and translating that poetry into three-dimensional forms, all leading to a stylish and comfortable sofa and lounger. The infinity form itself is iconic and powerful, and with it comes the promise of the vast unknown and of a deep mystery that goes on forever. In this way, the imagery of the Mediterranean ties in perfectly, with its vast and unknowable ocean that never ceases and never ends. That Mediterranean feel is on full display in the Infinito sofa that looks at once like the symbol we all know so well, and also like a wave rearing up and crashing on the sand.

Infinito Sofa by Marcantonio
Infinito sofa by Marcantonio

The flowing lines and vibrant design form a curvy sculpture which slides upon itself becoming a restful sof with comfortable seating and a chaise lounge
in the central part. The idea that something can never end but rather feed back into itself and, inso doing, go on forever, exists in perfect harmony here in a master work of furniture craftsmanship that will keep giving back and continue to enhance both your living space and lifestyle itself.

Now, a point or space in time that was once infinitely distant, can come home, bringing its boundless possibilities into your living space.

Deep Collection by Nika Zupanc

Venus, Roman goddess of love, beauty, and desire, strides proudly out and surveys the land. She sees the gorgeous Italian coast with its powerful seas and unparalleled coastline. She looks at the groves of prospering olives, the thriving vineyards and lush landscape, and a mothers pride washes over her. The abundance, the beauty, the heart- it is all there in the Italy she loves and, as a gift, she bestows an additional blessing on the land and its people: that they may live with the hearts to enjoy their fortunes, the serenity to be at peace in their world, and the depth to know that they are blessed.

Deep collection by Nika Zupanc

“Deep” can mean far down from the surface, low in pitch and tone, profound and penetratingly aware, devoted, and for Nika Zupanc, designer of the DEEP collection by Natuzzi Italia, “deep” reflects all these, plus she draws inspiration from Venus and the beauty and desires the goddess embodies. Zupanc looked too to the expansive sea with all its massive depth and unflagging waves when designing this flawless collection leading to a focus on careful selection of materials- stone, terracotta, ceramics, metal, glass, leather and fabrics of the highest quality.

Zupanc and Natuzzi Italia encourage you to sink deep into the comfort of your Deep Sofa and imagine a Mediterranean seaside, think deep thoughts, and feel the full depth of the experience as it resonates with your soul. Channel the goddess of beauty and desire and feel the serenity of the sea and the peace of the countryside. Get lost there, and find yourself again. Here, the highest quality materials merge with the fluid oceanic shapes of the sofa’s wavelike contours. With a vast array of configurations and materials, let yourself get swept away in the process of picking the piece that is right for you and your home. Create a place for deep thoughts, deep style, and deep comfort with this stunning gem.

Argo Collection by Paola Navone

The quest for the perfect design in furniture craftsmanship is one of mythological proportion, not unlike the Quest embarked by the famous Argo and its crew. The renowned ship was, after all, named after its famous designer, Argus. Argus himself worked tirelessly to create the perfect vessel which was sometimes called “the most seaworthy ship ever seen.” A designer’s quest is that of balance and perfection and, of course, for both these elements to come together and reach a state of harmonious beauty. The circle is considered the shape of harmony as its continuation brings forth inclusiveness, participation and sharing.

Natuzzi Argo by Paola Navone
Natuzzi Argo by Paola Navone

The time for beauteous harmony is now, with the Argo Sofa that draws inspiration from the inclusive shape of the circle. Set sail on this new chic yet casual masterpiece of comfort and design by Paola Navone and Natuzzi Italia. Engulf yourself in the Mediterranean feel of this strikingly unique piece, whose wavelike contours and nautical nods make you feel like it could just as easily embark on a search for a golden fleece, as gracefully adorn your living space. The pursuit in this piece was harmony, and that can be felt in the sofas uniquely playful relaxed feel, in harmony with expert craftsmanship and the finest materials.

For Navone, new ideas are inspired by travel as she collects colors, shapes, looks, sensations and materials in her head and allows her creations to come to life as if by magic.  Available in enough material options to guarantee a fit so perfect it will feel like a touch of magic, and available as a sofa or seat, you will be glad you took the plunge and made space in your home for harmony, the sea, and a touch of magic with the Argo Sofa.