Circle Of Harmony episode 2, Solar by Claudio Bellini

Solar is the heartfelt grateful tribute that Claudio Bellini has dedicated to Puglia, where he spent the best days of his childhood. Like a Proustian Madeleine, teaming up with Natuzzi brings back memories and happy moments, giving rise to a collection that reveals all the magic of this unique land. At the heart of it all, right from the very name, is the sun-kissed Mediterranean lifestyle, and the culture on which it is based. A culture of hospitality, openness and sharing, inclusive and generous, genuine and positive, with strong family roots and an outstanding sense of friendship. The entire collection is permeated and imbued with this culture. You can capture it in the soft, gentle curves that give a welcoming, inviting feeling. In its lines and details, so minimalist and essential. In its bright colors and natural materials, carefully hand-picked to create an earthy
sensation and an organic feel on all surfaces, from the hardest to the softest. By mixing memories and inspiration, design and material, the collection captures the energy and light of Puglia, a unique blend of highlights and colors – the red of the earth, the white of the stone, the green of the Mediterranean maquis, the yellow of the wheat fields, the blue of the sea.

Solar Collection by Claudio Bellini
Collection by Claudio Bellini

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