Avana: The modern classic with endless possibilities

Avana Natuzzi Italia sofa


A first glance at AVANA by Natuzzi Italia evokes images of a dark paneled game room in a Victorian mansion or a sharp art deco study, a European aristocrat lounging with a glass of brandy dangling from their fingertips. Add an antique globe, an umbrella stand and roll the camera on the next episode of Downton Abbey. But a gentle touch of AVANA’s wide, cleverly incorporated headrest, and the possibilities begin to multiply. Now you’re really reclining. You’ve entered a contemporary living room, the whole family piled in beside you laughing at cartoons on the wide-screen. The broad supporting armrests invite cocktails or bowls of popcorn. This limo that can carry you anywhere.

Its namesake inspired by the artistry of master cigar rollers, this spacious creation echoes the craftsmanship of a Master Tabaquero whose dexterity and transformation of natural materials create an atmosphere of sensuous aromas and relaxation. A perfect appellation.


Avana Natuzzi Italia Sofa


AVANA is a voluptuous leather experience, welcoming the tallest guest to stretch out before the fire. Its secret lies in the way it skillfully adapts to a myriad of styles and configurations. Available in stationary, sofachaise, or sectional, it presents itself easily among traditional, contemporary, rustic, or eclectic decor. That is the birthright of classic design.

Modern, refined, and impeccably crafted, this sofa is loaded with the quality you expect from Natuzzi Italia. 25 Grade leather, rounded metal framing, and tufting on the seat all combine for unmatched elegance and sublime comfort. AVANA entreats the touch. Our Watertown design center offers the perfect setting to luxuriate and feel first-hand the possibilities.

Posted by: Thomas Kee