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Rectangular Dining Tables

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Quasar Extendable Table
$ 6247.36
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Skorpio Keramik Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6160.00
Spyder Wood Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6786.00
Skorpio Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3071.00
Eliot Wood Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6211.00
on display
Eliot Wood Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5970.00
Valentino Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5290.00
Eliot Keramik Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5462.00
Skorpio Wood Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5357.00
Sigma Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 9104.00
Wave Glass Dining Table
Tonin Casa
$ 6992.00
Slim Dining Table
$ 2227.20
Eliot Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3173.64
Monaco Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 4603.00
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Ritz Dining Table
$ 9290.40
Giano Keramik Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6611.00
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Artistico Table
$ 6751.08
Ikon Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 9257.00
Eliot Keramik Drive Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6302.00
Accademia Dining Table
$ 3127.60
Spyder Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3959.00
Diapason Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 4459.00
Sigma Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6031.00
Plisset Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5893.00
Spyder Keramik Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5337.00
Galax Dining Table
$ 5824.00
Carioca Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6926.00
Valentinox Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5282.00
Elvis Kitchen Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 1437.00
Jerez Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 3151.38
Eliot Drive Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 5340.28
Heritage Dining
$ 1741.60
Hystrix Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 9392.00
Ikon Dining Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6957.00
Premier Wood Drive Table
Cattelan Italia
$ 6464.00

The Elegance and Utility of Rectangular Dining Table

The rectangular dining table is a timeless classic furniture shape that brings elegant style and handy functionality to eating spaces both large and small. Read on to learn what makes these tables such a versatile and enduring dining room choice.

The Traditional Rectangular Shape

A rectangle dining table features two longer parallel sides and two shorter parallel sides forming a right-angled rectangle shape. This elongated proportion is an extremely useful shape for dining spaces.

Benefits of rectangular tables include:

  • Seats more people than square counters of the same size
  • Fits well in oblong and narrow eating rooms
  • Allows easy conversation across the short span
  • Can be placed against walls, in corners, or floating
  • Easy to pair with bench seating along sides
Rectangular tables seat 6-8 people comfortably and up to 12 with close spacing. Proportions of 30-36 inches wide and 48-84 inches long are common.

Classic Styles to Match Any Decor

Rectangle kitchen tables come in styles perfect for any home:

  • Traditional - Dark wood pedestal bases with ornate carved details fit the classic decor.
  • Contemporary - Sleek glass or metal rectangular kitchen table look sharp in modern spaces.
  • Wooden - Farmhouse plank counters work beautifully in informal cottage-style rooms.
  • Transitional - White lacquer or painted wood tops with tapered legs straddle traditional and modern.

Extendable Rectangular Table

Many rectangular tables include extension leaves to expand for extra seating when entertaining. Self-storing extension leaves simply slide out from the center of the counter when needed and tuck away when not in use. Expandable tables provide flexibility.

Choosing Complementary Seating

Selecting the right dinner chairs or benches to pair with your rectangular table completes the look and functionality of your dining space. Here are some complementary seating arrangements to consider:

  • Dining chairs spaced evenly along both long sides of the counter create a traditional and balanced layout. Chairs can be mismatched or consistent.
  • A bench set along one long side is convenient for squeezing in additional diners. Chairs opposite the bench can match or coordinate.
  • For bench seating flexibility, position matching benches on both parallel sides of the furniture. This provides comfortable seating for bigger gatherings.
  • Square side chairs with straight edges fit neatly tucked up to the counter edges without awkward gaps.
  • Place rectangular or armchairs with more presence at each short end of the table to create a head and foot.
  • A coordinating buffet, sideboard, or server placed perpendicular behind the table provides handy storage and serving space.
Take measurements to ensure adequate walkways remain when selecting chairs or benches. The seating shapes and placement should complement both the proportions of the counter and the functionality of the space.

The Versatile Rectangular Shape

With its clean lines and elongated proportions, the eating furniture is highly versatile in design and functionality. It can be dressed up for formal affairs and scaled down for everyday family meals. A rectangular table is a terrific choice as both a stylish and practical focal point in any dining area.


Q: What is the best size for a rectangular table?
A: The ideal size depends on your space, but a good rule of thumb is 36-42 inches wide and 60-84 inches long. This accommodates 6-8 people comfortably. Allow 24 inches per person minimum.

Q: What are the benefits of a rectangle dining table?
A: Benefits include fitting more diners per table, working well in oblong rooms, and facilitating easy conversation due to the narrower width. Rectangles can be placed in corners or against walls, unlike round tables.

Q: Do circle or rectangle tables fit more people?
A: Rectangular tables generally fit more people in a smaller footprint than round tables. A 60'' x 36'' rectangle fits 6 diners while a 60'' round fits 4 comfortably. Rectangles maximize seating capacity.

Q: How do I choose the right rectangle dining table for my space?
A: Consider your room dimensions, typical seating needs, and table clearance required. Measure to ensure at least 36 inches for seating and 36 inches for movement around the table. Also, factor in the desired design style and extending capabilities if needed.